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Titanium matrices

Titanium matrices

     When performing class 2 composite restorations, the use of sectional bands is very common. Although they are a staple, they may sometimes render less helpful when dealing with larger proximal gaps. In such cases, a restoration using the classical sectional bands would entail a contact point well above the point of maximum convexity of the adjacent tooth. Additionally, the lateral position of the marginal ridge would typically be thin, unsupported and susceptible to fractures. Moreover, using said bands often creates dead space between the interproximal, allowing food impaction as well as a flat embrasure which leads floss to catch and shred.

     This is where the titanium sectional bands come in – they have greater convexity and are therefore able to bridge larger gaps as well as create a more desirable contact profile for such cases. The proximal contour is sealed more effectively and the bands wrap on the buccal and lingual nicer. Furthermore, the marginal ridge is anatomically positioned and well supported, allowing easy and unimpeded floss access. Overall, those bands provide higher curvature in the working area than regular sectional matrices which makes them perfect for the ringless matrix technique.

     The titanium matrices can be activated through gentle burnishing which thoroughly seals the buccal and lingual cavity margins even without a ring. What’s more, said matrices provide anatomical cervical emergence, allowing the papilla to fill the interproximal area. Also, convexity is maintained after placing the ring which helps support the shape. It should be noted however, that in cases where the bridging gap is very tight, the titanium bands may not be your best option as they could buckle.

     With that being said, when used with their primary functions in mind, the titanium bands become an essential tool in your restorative practices. Depending on the circumstances, you may need different size bands, which you would be able to find in our set of sectional contoured titanium matrices.

     This kit includes 10 small, 10 medium and 10 large bands – all 0.030mm in width. One of the bands’ most prominent asset is their ability to resist deformation due to the memory qualities of the titanium metal. in addition, it provides each size band with a unique oxide coating which creates a noticeable color – making the bands easier to identify.

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