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Delta kit

Delta kit

            When looking for better adaptation of sectional matrices, the Tor VM Fixing Kit Delta is your answer. Not only are the wedges contained in this kit made of special silicone rubber which is resistant to heat treatment, but they are also autoclavable. Additionally, said silicone material is soft, safe, non-toxic and most importantly able to sustain heat treatments of up to 121°C.


            Moreover, the wedges can be used as fixing wedges which are in turn, able to provide a perfect matrix tooth contact along the tooth height. Furthermore, these add-on wedges may be used to customise the shape of the ring pressure into the embrasure. They’re also especially helpful when stabilizing the ring into position and when trying to prevent band deformation.


            The delta kit includes two types of wedges:

  • 20 Green narrow add-on wedges with a longer tip (No. 1.861)
  • 20 Blue wide add-on wedges with a shorter tip (No. 1.866) – this one is more preferable to use when restoring large cavities.


The kit also contains a stainless-steel Delta Ring which is the most suitable for instillation of the add-on wedges. This process typically consists of the insertion of the tines of the delta ring into the holes of the add-on wedges, which in turn provides complete gingival edge adaptation as well as sealing. Note that it is also possible to install the silicone wedges with a springclip instead.


Wedge placement:

 delta kit wedge placement #1 over the entire height of the tooth for a more precise restoration of the tooth shape (the tip of the wedge is directed toward the contact point)

 delta kit wedge placement #2  away from the reconstructed contact point when there is significant tooth destruction (the tip of the wedge is directed away from the contact point)

 With that being said, the Delta Kit is definitely a must have if you’re looking to elevate the quality and functionality of your dental tools – so we hope that you give it a try.



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