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            Wouldn’t it be nice to have an effective, efficient and intuitive tool at your disposal when performing class 2 restorations? The VursaWedge Starter Kit makes it possible! The kit is specifically designed for practitioners that are new to VursaWedge products as it allows them to tackle diverse types of clinical cases and challenges by providing a range of wedge sizes. The kit includes: 30 small, 30 medium, 15 large VursaWedges, 15 anatomical VursaWedges (specifically designed to help streamline and simplify furcation cases) as well as 10 Wedge2 (only used when an open margin is present or for slight furcation involvement to further secure the wedge). The Wedge2 also further seal the band to the tooth and reduce marginal excess on buccal or lingual sides.

            As for the VursaWedges, their unique split-edge design ensures security by not allowing the wedges to slip out. Further, the wings that gently curve next to and under the papilla prevent upward displacement of the matrix band and ensure a tight, reliable seal at the gingival margin. What makes this product even more special is its flexible band, which keeps the matrix tightly adapted to any tooth contour – but especially to its proximal surface during an apical seal. Moreover, the VursaWedge is less rigid than a regular wooden wedge which also means that it causes less tissue trauma. Additionally, its sleek design provides full access to the cavitation. Lastly, the marvelous shape and colour of the VursaWedge make it easy to see, even in a bloody field.

            Aside from its great design, it helps obtain and improve contour, contact and seal at the gingival margin – which yields quick and optimal results. Secondly, it saves plenty of time in the finishing and trimming processes. In addition, this specific product improves the quality, overall form and longevity of class 2 direct composite restorations. Another convenient feature of VursaWedge is that it is also compatible with all major matrix band and ring systems.


            Overall, VursaWedge Starter Kit offers:


  • A tight gingival seal with no overhang
  • A good proximal contact
  • A perfect contour
  • Great band adaptation to the prepared tooth


All of which can be achieved if used properly. Some things to keep in mind when implementing this product into your class 2 restorations:


  • The notched wedge locks into place which allows both hands to free up for composite placement
  • The wedge can be placed with fingers or with cotton tweezers
  • It can be used in quadrant as well as anterior cases (along with any other class 2 restorations)
  • Splitting of the wedge is not necessary, and it can still be used by either pressing both wings against the tooth being restored or simply placing the ring right over the top of the split wings as you would any other wedge
  • The wedge can be inserted from either the buccal or the palatal-lingual direction


In essence, the VursaWedges is such a versatile and applicable product as it has been engineered by a dentist for dentists. Their straightforward design is what allows for rapid matrix placement and set up. While streamlined features enhance operator control – greatly reducing excess material and post-polymerization adjustments.  We strongly recommend this product and the starter kit it comes in.

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