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Saddle Matrix Kits

Saddle Matrix Kits

When seeking an alternative for standard sectional bands, the saddle contoured metal matrices are what comes to mind. Their elevated height is much more suited for deeper margins and they can be used for teeth without an adjacent tooth or for distal caries on a last standing tooth. Additionally, the greater curvature they provide can be achieved by removing the arms of the band which, in turn, helps restore even more teeth.

 In order to cater towards the specific needs of each dentist, we have multiple kits – the unique contents of each provide slightly different advantages to the operating dentist during restorations. With that being said, what they all have in common is the range of thicknesses they come in: 35 and 50 microns. The former requires less separation to create the ideal contact point, while the latter offers greater stiffness instead. Moreover, all bands are made of hardened steel for avoiding deformation.

 An overview of the use of our saddle bands is as follows:

  • Choose a matrix to work with (make sure it is of an appropriate length in order to provide the most optimal contact point)
  • Insert the tines of the springclip or ring outside the patient’s mouth
  • Install the system onto the tooth
  • Operate on the desired side

This process is equally as easy no matter which one of our kits you use (N 1.310, N 1.320 or N 1.330). Despite this, there are some key differences between the three kits that must be highlighted. Firstly, while the 1.310 and the 1.320 both contain 6 pieces of the small, medium and large versions of the bands, the 1.310 also comes with a small springclip while the 1.320 kit comes with a ring instead. Additionally, the universal kit has all the previously mentioned bands and many others. More specifically, it includes: 3 pieces each of the flat small medium and large bands as well as 6 pieces each of the preshaped small, medium and large bands. It also contains 2 pieces each of the Shape 2 small, medium and large matrices as well as one piece each of the Shape 3 small, medium and large bands. Finally, this versatile kit also comes with a small springclip. Having all of the previously mentioned band options in one kit is a great way to ensure that you have the right instruments to fit any challenging restoration that comes around.

To conclude, the saddle contoured metal matrix kits cover all your bases in restorations in addition to providing you with alternative tools that would suit your specific preferences or specific cases. These bands are just must-haves if you’re looking for quick, efficient and smooth restorations.


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