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Matrix Taster Kit

Matrix Taster Kit

The Matrix Taster Kit is a highly requested one. This kit has wide range of most popular Tor VM matrices. Its coverage of all possible scenarios as well as its smooth introduction to necessary basics is what makes it such an effective tool to have at one’s disposal.

The Matrix Taster Kit includes:

1.0973 Large Sectional 35 micron - 5pcs
1.0973 Large Sectional 50 micron - 5pcs
1.0976 Medium Sectional 35 micron - 5pcs
1.0976 Medium Sectional 50 micron - 5pcs
1.313 Large Saddle Shape 1 35 micron - 5pcs
1.313 Large Saddle Shape 1 50 micron - 5pcs
1.533 Twin Anterior Matrix (Palatal) - 5 pcs
1.091(2) Transparent Contoured Matrix - 10pcs
1.923 Transparent Sectional Wide - 5pcs
1.922 Transparent Sectional Narrow - 5pcs
1.0973DC Large Double Curve: 35 micron - 5 pcs
1.0976DC Medium Double Curve: 35 micron - 5pcs
1.0973T Large Titanium - 10pcs
1.0976T Medium Titanium - 5pcs
1.387 Medium Anterior Proximal Strip - 10pcs
1.388 Large Anterior Proximal Strip - 5pcs


Matrixing is all about problem solving, which sometimes requires extensive trial and error. Having an array of products is especially helpful in this case as it allows for each dentist to find what works for them and for which procedures as well as what doesn’t. Hence, it is a necessary step in perfecting your methods and ameliorating your approaches. This kit is also great for the indecisive and the curious – it has a taste of so many of our popular products that are useful in so many frameworks. As such, we highly recommend that you give it a try and find which of our products suit which of your needs best!

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