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Polishing solutions

Polishing solutions

Finishing and polishing procedures are regarded as perhaps some of the most important steps in restorative dentistry as they ensure a smooth and uniform restoration. In addition, a successful restoration also entails longevity and ameliorated esthetic results all while promoting oral health and decreasing the risk of secondary caries and periodontal disease. Moreover, dental abrasives are essential tools in the process of finishing and polishing as they’re the gateway to patient comfort and satisfaction. Therefore, selecting the appropriate instrument is crucial in securing the desirable outcome.

We offer a multitude of abrasives that fall under 4 categories:

Polishing discs with mandrels

These discs come in multiple grits, each having a unique attribute:

  • Coarse – especially good for defining incisal edges and proximal surfaces, reducing facial bulk of material and removal of the “white line”.
  • Medium – refines the contour and shape of the tooth as well as the incisal embrasures. With the use of this grit, it’s important to remember to move from the proximal to the facial surface when working on line angles. Likewise, applying pressure and flexing the disc will ensure efficient use of the appliance.
  • Fine – used for polishing only, as it doesn't remove much of excessive material.
  • Superfine – used to achieve a highly polished restoration. In order to obtain a better polish, high pressure with a higher speed should be applied to both the fine and superfine discs.

Polishing strips 

While the polishing discs are perfect for buccal/ labial, lingual and incisal restorations, the polishing strips are specifically used during incisal and proximal restorations.

EVE polishing products

These discs are specifically designed to achieve high-quality results with a single shape and on any surfaces, including occlusal ones. They’re applicable without a polishing paste and ensure the preservation of the surface structure. Furthermore, they’re extraordinarily durable and have a reduced heat generation.

As for unique features, the TWIST is a new and special polisher geometry developed by EVE which consists of twisted polished bristles that reach deep fissures. This innovative quality allows for a significant reduction of the application time and guarantees excellent polishing results on any surface. OCCLUFLEX polishers were specifically designed to achieve high-quality results even on the occlusal surface. The twisted polishing bristles reach even deep fissures.

Abrasives are clearly vital in restorative procedures yet the choice for a suitable instrument is entirely dependent on each individual case. With this in mind, we hope that you will find your desired tool in the array of practical abrasives we offer.




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