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BAD Pen and other instruments

BAD Pen and other instruments

In restorative dentistry, it’s vital to have quality tools in order to effectively form and shape the composite. We offer an array of such instruments, amongst which is the BAD (which stands for Biomimetic Aesthetic Dentistry) Pen. This apparatus is a unique posterior composite sculpting instrument developed by Dr. Bill Gergis has many innovative embellishments such as:

  • A flexible, razor thin tip for precision as well as packing without pull back
  • A mouldable (and therefore customizable) shank that is also long, for increased visibility
  • A customizable file for precise fissure anatomy

Other noteworthy features that make the BAD Pen so outstanding are that it’s completely autoclavable and is weighted in such a way that helps it sit centered in your hand. Furthermore, its flexibility allows it to be twisted and bent in a manner suitable for any one of your specific needs all while still being able to retrieve its original, flat shape. 

Aside from being multidisciplinary, the BAD Pen has additional key assets. Firstly, it saves lots of precious time as you’re able to operate with just one instrument rather than having to switch between multiple ones. Secondly, it’s cost effective since a single BAD Pen is much cheaper than 4-5 different instruments. Lastly, the pen is machined from unibody stainless steel which contributes to its impeccable tolerance. In addition to the earlier mentioned perks, the Pen is also able to facilitate tasks such as drawing fissures and cusps.

On top of the exceptional BAD Pen, we also offer other dental composite instruments that are all designed for placing, sculpting as well as contouring dental composites. Their advantages lie in their non- stick build and titanium coating. Moreover, they too, are autoclavable and come in a variety of anterior and posterior shapes. Hence, they’re strongly recommended by us along with many dentists.

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