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Lego Set

Lego Set

            Practice may not make perfect, but it does make more highly skilled professionals. This is especially important in a field such as restorative dentistry since the skill proficiency of dentists directly correlates to the success rate of their operations. This poses the problem of practicing without harming real people, to which we have a clever solution – the Tooth Lego Set. This dental training model includes 5 practice models, a tutorial book as well as tutorial videos link. Its main objectives are enhancing safety and providing an anatomically correct replica.

           The design of this set takes into account the incredible importance placed on being trained in a variety of procedures, regardless of ones current expertise level. Which is why it is so versatile in nature – not only is it an extremely helpful tool to newer dental students, but it is also crucial in the growth and progress of more highly trained professionals. Its structure plays a detrimental role in its functional attributes: the mandibular and maxillary parts of the set are carefully crafted to accurately replicate the anatomy of human teeth, gums and surrounding tissues, while the articulator the two parts are mounted on ensures that the manipulation of the model is done in a way that precisely simulates the positions and movement of the human jaw. This allows the model to be used for tooth preparing, impression taking, gypsum extraction, surgical guide table, implant and placement incisions, gingival ablation and suture procedures alike.

           What cannot be stressed enough is the quality of the materials used for this set. They all mimic the physical properties of natural teeth and gums very closely, which provides its users with a realistic feel and overall experience. Moreover, the resin material located in place of a missing tooth is perfect for implant training as it provides a stable and accurate foundation for the implant placement. Additionally, it provides realistic bone penetration along with a tactile sense of resistance and pressure that is typically required during the implantation process.

           Clearly, the Tooth Lego Set is a valuable investment that will only improve your restorative skills and further your training and expertise within the field. Practicing on a prostehtic is not only much safer than doing so on human patients, but it is also especially effective with our device as we provide you with an accurate and realistic model. So get yours today and maybe you’ll be the first to prove that practice does make perfect!

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