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EVE TWIST - the simplification of polishing

EVE TWIST - the simplification of polishing

One instrument that can cater towards every one of your polishing needs seems like an unfeasible dream. However, it has become a reality thanks to the astounding technology developed by EVE. Introducing TWIST – new polisher geometry that has the potential to change the very face of dental polishing.

            Not only does this device enable its users to polish occlusal, incisal, labial, buccal, lingual and even approximal surfaces but it also reduces the application time significantly. Using the 6 piece set that we offer, you can achieve excellent polishing results on any and every surface. Our two-step polishing system consists of 3 medium pre-polishing and 3 fine high-gloss polishers whose varying grits allow for a high shine on all composite materials. Moreover, the TWIST polishers are specifically adapted to each processing step and especially catered towards the hardest of composites.

This amazing instrument is capable of producing brilliant polishing results thanks to its extraordinary durability, ability to preserve surface structures, reduce heat generation and be applied intuitively. Thus, we thoroughly recommend its use and hope that you enjoy its innovative technology as much as we have!


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