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            The success of many restorative and endodontic procedures can sometimes be secured with the simple yet effective implementation of a dental dam. While different scenarios require careful tailoring of the materials to the specific procedure – what stands universally true for all dental dams is that much like real dams, they have extraordinary isolating abilities. The ISODAM, offers great seclusion of specific areas of the mouth during procedures. Simultaneously, this crucial quality greatly reduces the risk of infection and provides much needed comfort for the patient.

             Other celebrated characteristics of this dam in particular include its unique colour. The prominent royal blue acts as an exaggerated contrast to the teeth and greatly improves dental imaging. Moreover, the synthetic polyisoprene used as the main material for this dam, not only contains pigment that is 100% non-toxic but also protects against allergies as it is low powdered and not made with natural rubber latex.


            This incredible product comes in medium (0.18-0.23 mm) as well as heavy (0.23mm-0.28mm) duty thicknesses with 15 and 75 sheets (6”x 6” or 152cm x 152cm) per box. It is renowned by dentists worldwide – proven by its impressive history of being an eight-time recipient of the Dental Advisor’s top non-latex dental dam award.

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