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Greater Curve Starter Kit and Starter Kit Plus

Greater Curve Starter Kit and Starter Kit Plus

When performing restorations, it is important to have an array of materials at one’s disposal. Especially ones which are all fitted to perform various functions. The Greater Curve Starter Kit offers a through, yet affordable, introduction to the multitude of the Greater Curve Tofflemire Bands. The kit includes:


  • 24 Standard
  • 12 Micro Thin
  • 12 Wide
  • 12 Micro Wide
  • 12 U-Bands
  • 12 Micro U-Bands
  • 12 Standard Brass
  • 12 Wide Brass
  • 12 U-Band Brass
  • 1 Soft Sided Contra-angle retainer
  • 1 Technique Tool


What is so special about the design of the above-mentioned bands is their unique curvature. Said curve forms a greater funnel shape and enables the restoration of an anatomical contact point. Aside from the versatile use of the Tofflemire Bands, there is also a Soft Sided Contra-Angle retainer present in the kit. It can be used in any location and serves as the perfect primer to the Soft Sided Contra-Angle technique. Moreover, this retainer allows for the remarkable tightening of the matrix without the typical fear of breakage.


With that being said, we recommend this kit as a gateway to the many necessary products we offer to aid in the process of restorations. Specifically given that this starter kit allows for its users to attain a superior seal around the cervical portion of the tooth, which is just one of its many helpful attributes. Thus, it is a no-brainer to include the Greater Curve Starter Kit in your collection of instruments!

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