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Occluflex by EVE

Occluflex by EVE

The Diacomp Plus Occluflex Mix Set by EVE is the perfect kit for occlusal polishing. Having a design that is tailored towards achieving high-quality results by reaching even the deepest fissures – makes for a brilliant polishing product. Not only is the polisher applicable without polishing paste, but the brush shape is also easily reprocessable.

            In this versatile set you can find 5 fine and 5 medium grit composite, hybrid ceramic polishers. This two-step polishing system helps create high shine in all composite materials while the polishers are specifically adapted to each processing step. Moreover, the twisted polishing bristles are a special feature that aids in the process of reaching extensive openings.  

            As straightforwardly spectacular as the outcomes are, it is still important to keep some key tips regarding the initial polishing procedure in mind: if possible, it should be done in slightly circular movements as to avoid indentations. Additionally, the instrument must be brought to speed before applying to any surface. With that in mind, the maximum rotation speed should never be exceeded. Lastly, excessive pressure is to be entirely avoided as it may lead to overheating, breaking of the polisher and even injury. If said precautions are not followed, the risk of tissue damage, wear or destruction of the polisher as well as the overall wellbeing of the user, patient or third party highly increases.

            With that being said, if used as intended, the Eve Polishers can act as a great asset to your next occlusal polishing. Hence, we hope that you choose to experience the ease and convenience of this helpful instrument by incorporating it in your routine practices.

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