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Biodam Dental Dam

Biodam Dental Dam

          There is no other instrument better suited for isolating specific areas of the mouth while performing procedures than the Isodam Biodam. Not only does this latex-free dental dam provide outmost comfort to the patient but it also greatly reduces the risk of infection. This innovative tool was designed using premium technology and with low protein. This minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and allows for up to 800% elongation. Additionally, the scarcity of protein in the material which the dam consists of increases the strength, tear resistance, and ease of use of this appliance. Having been designed to minimize the risk of product failure, the performance of the Isodam Biodam can be equated to that of natural rubber but without the potential allergen of latex proteins which, in turn, makes it even more reliable.

            Considering that patient comfort was a top priority in the making of the dam, it is only natural that it would be powder free. Furthermore, the non-latex Polyisoprene Biodam is ideal for patients with latex allergies and is also conveniently affordable.

            To add on to the previously mentioned benefits of this special dam, it is Health Canada, CE, and FDA approved. It also comes in a variety of sizes: 125 mm (5” x 5” squares) or 150 mm (6” x 6” squares). The thicknesses you can choose from are thin, medium or heavy duty and the colour offered is violet. This particular shade ensures sharper image definition by enhancing contrast to the teeth.

            To conclude, this is a tool you do not want to miss out on having in your set of instruments. It is tremendously helpful during isolations and is compatible with those allergic to latex. Overall, it has been tried and tested to now be ready for your use.

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