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Transparent Cervical Matrix Former Kit, 100 Matrice Bands, 1 x Matrix Holder, 1 x Stopper

by tor vm
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transparent rectangular matrix bands 0,050 mm thick, 10х37 mm - 100 pcs.
cervical former - 1 pcs.
stopper - 1 pcs.

Highly practical system for the filling of class V cavities
For a smooth-surfaced, non-porous restoration
Two matrices in one
Minimal finishing and polishing work needed

1.Roll carefully (without bending) matrix band 1, insert pre-rolled matrix band 1 into retainer 2 (retainer 2 comprises a metal tube with 6 mm inner diameter)
2.Regulate the length of the matrix band 1 extending part according to the tooth size, trim the band edges to complete concordance to the tooth shape.
3.Fix the band 1 in the retainer 2 with retainer stopper 3
4.Perform the restoration holding the retainer 2 by one hand.