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Powder-free NON-LATEX PURPLE Dental Dam 6''x6'' 15 sheets MINT

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  • Health Canada, CE and FDA approved
  • 0.20 mm MEDIUM thickness

The Significance of Being Powder-free and Low Protein

Sanctuary’s non-latex dental dam is made from Polyisoprene, a material that very closely resembles rubber. It has a similar polymer structure and physical properties as natural rubber minus the potential allergen of latex protein.

Cutting-edge advantage

Designed and developed as a superior product, the Sanctuary Non-Latex Dental Dam offers a high tear tolerance (a minimum expansion of 10 times from the original punch hole), great tensile strength (above 20mPa) and a good modulus level (1.0mPa), all of which are crucial in the practical and efficient application of the dental dam.


The Sanctuary Non Latex Dental Dam is made to achieve a very high stretchability consistent with a good tear tolerance.

Available in Peppermint

We constantly listen to our customers and gradually improve our product to fit the needs of different types. With our non-latex dental dam, we have added a peppermint scent to not only provide your clients with a more relaxed mind but a better aftertaste as well.