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"Pony" metal contoured matrices. Kit with "Slot"- ring 24pcs

by tor vm
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Size: 0,050mm

"Pony" metal contoured matrices small with ledge - 6pcs

"Pony" metal contoured matrices small - 6pcs

"Pony" metal contoured matrices large - 6pcs

"Pony" metal contoured matrices large with ledge - 6pcs

Slot ring - 1pcs

 All matrices are available in two thicknesses - 0,050 mm and 0,035 mm.


When operating with ring:
1) make sure of integrity of the ring and absence of rust on it; 
2) avoid high-speed opening;
3) open the ring for width not more than 10 - 12 mm;
4) open the ring for necessary width outside the mouth before placing it on a tooth.