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Mouth Mirror Mega FS Rhodium 12pcs

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Size: 4 Ø 22 mm
  • MEGA slim – slim design for optimal handling
  • MEGA plane – between mirror and casing
  • MEGA sharp – bright and distortion-free image quality for low-fatigue vision
  • MEGA resistant

MEGA FS Rhodium Mouth Mirror

In our MEGA, all the functions of a mouth mirror are reflected in an optimized design. Holding the cheek is comfortable for the patient due to the wide-shaped handle. The satin-finished stainless steel prevents unwanted reflections and gives the MEGA a noble finish. The MEGA are mirrored with rhodium on the glass surface. Rhodium is a precious metal like gold and as a precious metal is chemically resistant, even to acids.

The advantages of the MEGA mouth mirror:

  • Easy cleaning due to rhodium with an anti-stick effect
  • Hygienic as there are no welds in which deposits can accumulate
  • Pleasantly bright and sharp mirror image
  • Low-reflection surface of stainless steel due to satin-finished surface