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Finishing and Polishing Kit (Discs 48pcs, Finishing and Polishing Strips 75pcs and Mandrel 1pcs)

by Tor VM
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for gross reduction   Ø14 12 pcs.
for contouring           Ø14 12 pcs.
for finishing               Ø14 12 pcs.
for polishing              Ø14 12 pcs.


finishing and polishing strips, 75 pcs.:  
• for gross reduction 25 pcs.
• for contouring  25 pcs.
• for polishing  25 pcs.


Mandrel 1pcs

Suitable for polishing direct restorations including composites, glass ionomers, amalgams, semiprecious and precious metals.

Easy to Insert: Abrasive is center gapped on the strip for easy interproximal insertion without abrading contacts
Two Grits per Strip: Each strip performs two functions to save time
Color-Coded: Sequenced from blue to white for easily followed step-by-step process
A choice of 3 grits
Resists Tearing: Polyester backing resists tearing while retaining flexibility and being gentle on the gingiva