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Do-All Proxicut Kit (Holder + Key + Handle)

do-all proxicut holder - 1 pc. 
key - 1 pc. 
handle - 1 pc.

To remove excess filling material within inter-proximal space

Used primarily for interproximal reduction (IPR), where small amounts of enamel are selectively removed between teeth. This process helps create space to correct crowding, align teeth during orthodontic treatment, or facilitate the placement of restorations like crowns or veneers.

The strips are designed to fit into tight spaces between teeth, allowing precise and controlled removal of enamel.

  Rotate screw 1 to move closer arms of do-all proxicut holder to make the distance between external edges of holder arms equal to the length of saw blade № 1.384 or diamond strip № 1.385. Insert saw blade № 1.384 or diamond strip № 1.385 in clampers 2 of holder's arms and tighten the clampers with key 3
Tighten up saw blade № 1.384 or diamond strip № 1.385 rotating screw 1. Insert pintle 4 of the holder in a hole of handle № 1.109
Modes of holder - handle fixation. 
Do-all proxicut holder can be operated without handle too or fixed in EVA hand piece