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Anterior Kit 80pcs

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Natural-looking anterior restorations rely on proper contour and embrasure placement. 


    • Provides full access to the restoration resulting in improved facial embrasure formation and the ability to properly shape and position the incisal embrasure.
    • Allows for easy placement in a single step without the need for extensive matrix modifications.
    • The metal matrix is burnishable and thinner than plastic strips, which allows for control over contour and proximal contact.
    • Creates a slight separation between the teeth, improving proximal contact formation.
    • Significantly decreases post-polymerization finishing time.
    • Consistently seals the gingival margin while allowing access to hard-to-reach subgingival caries, which eliminates isolation issues, excess flash and overhanging margins.
    • Matrix height can be trimmed for use in diastema closure cases.

 The Anterior Kit includes:

    • 40 left-facing wedges
    • 40 right-facing wedges