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Two big dental events in Canada for 2023

Two big dental events in Canada for 2023

Specialized in-person events are a key part of every dentistโ€™s career. Such occasions present with them an opportunity to network, learn and share as well as meet other dental professionals. Two shows that are the epitome of such advantages in Canada are The Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) โ€“ an event put on by the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) and the British Columbias Pacific Dental Conference (PDC). The former has a successful history with more than 8,000 attendees last year alone. Similarly to the latter, which welcomes dentists and their teams from all provinces, territories and states.

Being very successful live shows in North America, they not only provide lively lectures and captivating presentations but also additional perks. For example, the ASM offers a Value Added Package which allows its buyer to have prolonged access to the 12 most popular seminars and speeches from the conference. Comparably, the PDC offers exceptional education programs, the latest cutting-edge techniques, as well as emerging technology and services.

These current privileges are a result of a long-standing history of hardworking individuals who have put great efforts into making these shows as prosperous as they are. While the ASM is celebrating its 156th year, the PDC is continuing its tradition of annual dental conventions from 1936 (which was the year the first BC Club was established). Essentially, the routinely occurrence of these two events and the efforts from all of their organizers contribute to their quality and popularity.

With that being said, the upcoming dates for the ASM and the PDC are scheduled for March 9-11 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and May 11-13 in Toronto respectively. We are looking forward to attending them and invite you to join us in enjoying such great opportunities to connect with speakers, colleagues and friends.


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