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Dental mirrors

Dental mirrors

In order to ensure the most effective and comfortable dental procedure, all elementary tools must be maintained and updated. As such, we provide dental mirrors of many kinds which are all mirrored with rhodium on the glass surface. This precious metal is chemically resistant – even to acids. The mouth mirrors type we have: TOP and MEGA mirrors.

While very similar in function, the two types of mirrors have distinct characteristics: 

TOPvision FS rhodium mouth mirrors

  •  Sharpness of reflection is guaranteed to be to be in its most accurate state
  • Superior presence of natural colors and brightness
  • Suitable for the highest demands
  • Impeccable and reflection and coating hardness
  • Cleaning made extra easy due to the special HAHNENKRATT coating which includes an anti-stick effect
  • Absolutely resistant to all types of disinfection and sterilization up to acidic refresh cleaners

MEGA mouth mirrors

  • Slim design for optimal handling
  • Includes a plane between mirrors and casing
  • Bright and distortion-free image quality for low-fatigue vision
  • Resistant
  • Wide shape handle allows for the comfort of the patient when their cheek is being held
  • Satin-finished stainless steel prevents unwanted reflections and gives the MEGA a noble finish
  • An optimized design in which all the functions of a mouth mirror are reflected

Some additional advantages of the HAHNENKRATT mouth mirrors include:

  • Easy cleaning due to special coating with anti-stick effect
  • Hygienic as there are no welds in which deposits can accumulate
  • Exactly sharp and distortion-free, high-contrast image
  • Unsurpassed reflection and coating hardness
  • Low-reflection surface of stainless steel due to satin-finished surface
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